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Loose Articles aren't your typical punk band. Living the 9-5 as many of us do, but once it hits beer O’clock, a different animal emerges. They began their musical escapades by aiming (& evidently achieving) to “make music because we wanted to prove a point that women can do it just as well as men. it became the first inspiration, then we realised we’re pretty alright at it so now we’re doing it for us and having a right laugh with it.”

Though they’ve drawn comparisons with and it’s who stand out as the major touchstone for the band – longtime Fall producer (& collaborator) Simon ‘Ding’ Archer, recorded & produced ‘Orchid Lounge’ EP in recognising something of that group’s surrealist street poetry in Loose Articles.

"We have a lot of political messages about what’s on our mind” says bassist and vocalist Natalie, "I just write whatever pisses me off at the time, it touches on subjects like work, being scared of buses, having social anxiety in big public situations.”

‘Up The Disco’, the band's first release in almost a year saw Loose Articles hit the high notes. Recorded with Theo Verny and premiered by BBC 6 Music's Steve Lamacq (resulting in multiple plays across the station), a limited 7" released on Manchester label Dipped In Gold, lead to the band's inclusion on NME's Hot 100 for 2021. B-Side 'Buses' was released in Feb 2021, again seeing support from BBC 6. On June 25th 2022, the band will support in their home of Manchester.


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