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Command And Conquer 95 No-cd Crack Tutorial

Command And Conquer 95 No-cd Crack Tutorial

Command and Conquer 95, also known as C&C Gold, is the original version of the classic real-time strategy game that started the C&C franchise. Released in 1995, it was one of the first games to feature full-motion video cutscenes, online multiplayer, and a choice of two factions with different units and strategies. However, the game also had some technical issues, such as compatibility problems with modern operating systems, low resolution graphics, and the need for a CD-ROM to play.

In this article, we will show you how to install and play Command and Conquer 95 on your Windows PC without using a CD-ROM, using a fan-made patch that fixes many of the game's bugs and adds new features. This patch is called C&C Gold Patch 1.06c revision 3, and it was created by Nyerguds, a dedicated C&C fan and modder. You can download the patch from Mod DB or from Nyerguds' website.


Step 1: Download and install the patch

The patch comes in two versions: a full game installer and an update for existing installations. If you already have Command and Conquer 95 installed on your PC, you can download the update version (cc95v106c_r3_u6_update.exe) and run it to apply the patch. If you don't have the game installed, or if you want a fresh installation, you can download the full game installer version (cc95v106c_r3_u6_full.exe) and run it to install the game and the patch at the same time.

The full game installer version does not include the videos or the music from the original game, but you can download them separately from Mod DB or from Nyerguds' website and copy them to your game folder. The videos are optional, but the music is highly recommended, as it adds a lot of atmosphere to the game.

Step 2: Configure the game settings

After installing the patch, you can launch the game from your Start menu or desktop shortcut. The first time you run the game, you will see a configuration tool that lets you adjust various settings, such as resolution, renderer, sound, language, and gameplay options. You can change these settings anytime by running CCConfig.exe from your game folder.

Some of the most important settings are:

  • Resolution: You can choose any resolution that your monitor supports, but keep in mind that higher resolutions will make the game interface smaller. You can also enable windowed mode or borderless mode if you prefer.

  • Renderer: You can choose between different renderers that affect how the game graphics are displayed. The recommended renderer is CnC-DDraw, which is compatible with most systems and offers smooth scaling and filtering options. You can also try other renderers, such as DDWrapper or DxWnd, if you encounter any problems with CnC-DDraw.

  • Sound: You can enable or disable sound effects and music, and adjust their volume levels. You can also choose between different sound drivers, such as DirectSound or WaveOut. If you have downloaded the music files from Mod DB or from Nyerguds' website, make sure to select "Score.mix" as your music source.

  • Language: You can choose between different languages for the game interface and subtitles. The patch supports English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian languages. You can also download additional language packs from Nyerguds' website or create your own using the addon-based language system.

  • Gameplay: You can enable or disable various gameplay features that affect the game balance and difficulty. Some of these features are new additions by Nyerguds, such as build off ally (allows building structures near allied buildings), counterstrike (enables retaliation fire by units), and smarter AI (improves enemy tactics). You can also enable cheats if you want to have some fun.

Step 3: Enjoy the game

Once you have configured your settings, you can start playing Command and Conquer 95 by clicking on "Play C&C95" or "Play C&C95 (Funpark)" from the configuration tool. The Funpark mode is a special mode that lets you play four extra missions with dinosaurs and civilians. You can also access the game's multiplayer mode by clicking on "CnCNet" from the configuration tool. CnCNet is a fan-made service that allows you to play online with other players around the world. You can join or host games, chat with other players, and customize your multiplayer settings.

Command and Conquer 95 is a classic game that deserves to be played by new and old fans alike. Thanks to Nyerguds and his patch, you can enjoy the game on your modern PC without any hassle. Whether you choose to play as the Global Defense Initiative or the Brotherhood of Nod, you will have a blast commanding your forces and conquering your enemies.


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