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Enjoy the Immersive Experience of Racing Master with Unreal Engine 4 on Android

Steeped in automotive culture, Racing Master allows players to race, tune and build their ultimate car collection. Customise vehicles with real-world parts from leading manufacturers and set the handling from casual to simulation for maximum control. With both tilt and touch options, Racing Master is the definitive racing experience, fully optimized across every platform.

racing master android

Codemasters is an award-winning British video game developer and publisher with over 30 years of heritage. The company specialises in high-quality racing games including DiRT, GRID, Project CARS, and the BAFTA award-winning official F1 series of videogames.

Racing Master is a brand-new racing simulator for mobile platforms. Developed by NetEase and Codemasters, Racing Master promises to bring a previously unseen level of realism to mobile gaming with a full-blown story mode, hundreds of customizable licensed cars, and plenty of real-world tracks for players to take to.

While far from the first mobile racing game, it is certainly one of the most ambitious. First announced in March of last year, would-be players have been desperate to get their hands on the wheel of this new title, and if you are one of them, you have come to the right place as we breakdown everything you need to know about Racing Master including the release date, how to gain access to the open beta, and a broad overview of the gameplay.

Racing Master is all about creating a realistic racing simulator for mobile devices. With over 100 licensed vehicles, real-world tracks, and an array of offline and online game modes. it wouldn't be remiss to suggest that Racing Master hopes to become the Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo of mobile platforms.

A NetEase developer known as Dahua Studios has just announced that it's working on an upcoming racing game for mobile in conjunction with Codemasters, and it will enter into open beta this month. The game is called Racing Master. It's a real-time simulation racer that's utilizing the Unreal 4 engine as well as some proprietary Codemasters tech, who just so happens to be a developer with a slew of famous racers under its belt, such as DiRT, GRID, and F1.

Above, you can watch the official trailer for Racing Master. While the majority is a cinematic, there appear to be a few quick glimpses of gameplay. More or less, the title looks a lot like Codemasters' GRID series, which makes sense since the game is utilizing the developer's proprietary EGO technology.

The new Play Store listing offers a quick rundown of what players can expect from the open beta in the What's New section, and as you can see, more than a few racing modes will be on offer, including a casual solo mode for those that prefer to race alone. Like most beta tests, bugs and other issues may crop up, and so far, the number of supported devices appears to be limited.

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Racing Master was developed using Unreal Engine 4 and Codemasters' own EGO technology, providing you with "authentic racing and precision-engineered vehicles." You'll be able to sit behind the wheel of the world's most famous cars, including those from the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Aston Martin lineups.

According to the team, Racing Master is designed from the ground up to be a "perfect playground" for racing enthusiasts. You'll be able to compete in real-time races against other players, customize officially licensed vehicles, and speed around real-world tracks.

BySteve Noah Published on May 24, 2021ShareTweetCommentNetEase Games and Codemasters have released a new Racing Master trailer today and provided some additional details on the mobile racing game coming to iOS and Android devices.

Racing Master allows players to race, tune and build their ultimate car collection. Customize vehicles with real-world parts from leading manufacturers. Handling can be set for the casual user or simulation for maximum control, with both tilt and touch options, designed to be the perfect playground for all racing enthusiasts. The game boasts competitive real-time races against players from around the world, featuring real-world tracks across several race types in fully licensed cars.

Codemasters and NetEase Games have just announced via social media, Racing Master, a cross-platform racing simulator for the Android and iOS platforms. The game will be available in Beta sometime in March 2021 for the US and Canada.

Get ready for a new era of ultra-realistic mobile racing in the one and only Racing Master!In conjunction with Codemasters, we are bringing you the ultimate immersive driving experience with a pioneering physics engine. Customize and drive hundreds of officially licensed luxury cars, compete on real major racetracks all over the world and become a legend!

Codemasters is a company almost every one of us is familiar with, and their latest work is Racing Master, a game that is racing its way on Android and iOS. In conjunction with Codemasters, NetEase Games make the game, and this cross-platform, authentic racing game will be available on both Android and iOS during its beta testing.

& lt;p & gt;Racing Master-racing on Android, created on the Unreal Engine 4, so you can get an unforgettable experience of driving luxury cars at any time and anywhere. Drive luxury cars around Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Guangzhou and many other cities on real big race tracks. Hundreds of well-known and officially licensed racing cars are waiting for you to get behind the wheel. On the tracks of Racing Master, only your driving skills can guarantee that you will come out on top and increase your ranking in the real-time 8-player competition.

Racing Master is a real-time simulation racing game that runs like its amazing cars. With its next-generation physics engine, the game provides an immersive, realistic driving experience with real-world cars and tracks that come to life thanks to its advanced graphics. Put your pedal to the metal against other drivers worldwide as you modify and customize nearly a hundred licensed cars!

Moto Bike Stunt Games: Xtreme Racing is a motorcycle racing game where you can have fun and ride your bike on impossible tracks and ramps in various environments. The tracks are full of obstacles and hurdles so you have to be careful to avoid crashing and getting injured. You will also have to perform different stunts and tricks to get through the tracks and ramps.

Car Race 3D - Racing Master is a fast-paced racing game where you have to master your driving skills in order to defeat your rivals. Choose from a wide variety of cars and upgrade them as you go along, to become the best.

BlueStacks lets you master Racing Master with useful features like the Repeated Tap. Now you do not have to press the same key repeatedly to initiate an action. Just assign it to one key and you are good to go.

Created with Unreal Engine 4, Racing Master ushers the world of racing into a new era of ultra-realistic perfection! With the game's pioneering physics engine and real-life vehicles sound effects, you can enjoy the ultimate immersive experience of driving luxury cars anytime and anywhere!Unlock and experience real tracks and luxury cars!Race luxury cars around Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Guangzhou, and many more cities on real major racetracks! Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Koenigsegg, BMW, and more! Hundreds of famous and officially licensed racing cars are waiting for you to take the wheel!Get immersive racing experience with next-generation physics engineExperience the thrill of driving a luxury car in Racing Master! From the sensation of braking to even the angle your car's body tilts when cornering, Racing Master provides an unprecedented virtual driving experience with the most realistic mobile physics engine ever!Real-time Racing! Become a LegendOn the tracks of Racing Master, only your driving skills alone can ensure that you come in the first place and rank up in real-time 8-player competitions. Drift, Accelerate, Overtake! Come perfect your technique and earn your place on the leaderboards!Customize your cars to make them cooler and fasterThere's more to car mods than a simple paint job! Engines, tires, tail wings, suspension, and even wheel alignment angles can be customized. In Racing Master, customizing your car is not only an outlet for your creativity. It also improves your vehicle's performance!Lifelike realism and ingenious craftsmanshipUE4's revolutionary graphical quality brings every detail of your cars to life. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of your cars on the track, but you can also admire them from different perspectives, both inside and out, in your garage. Explore interactive car parts, such as wipers, doors, lights, hoods, and many more! All are true to their real-life counterparts and are restored on a 1:1 scale. Even the sound effects of your cars racing around the course and the roars of their engines have all been recorded live from the track.To learn more about Racing Master:Official Website: Discord: Facebook:

The good people at Hutch Games have become specialized in bringing us racing games in all shapes and sizes. Rebel Racing is one of their latest titles: a game that stands out for its realistic physics and for letting you drive luxury cars. You get to cruise down the west coast of the USA in short, intense levels. [Download]

You have to admit that all traditional racing games on the Android ecosystem are quite similar. Choosing one usually comes down to personal preference, but there are a few small differences that can help you make the decision. Driveline features the same excitement and intensity as other racing games, but it lets you choose between three different unique vehicles to hit the asphalt: rally cars, streetcars, and 4x4s. [Download]


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